Open a new tab page that does what you want, and nothing else.

Start Clean New Tab for Chrome


Chrome Apps List

See a list of your downloaded chrome apps, and quick launch anything right from the page.


Top Visited Sites

Access for your most frequest sites, with easy access to your most used content.


User Defined links

You choose: as many links as you want to your favorite sites. Drag & drop to reorder.


Powerful Search Bar

Choose the engine to power it, and use autocomplete as you type powered by duckduckgo.

Your startpage should be beautiful

It's your computer, after all

Start Clean can be customized easily on the options page. You can disable apps & top visited, change column names, change the search, and change the bar placement.

Powerful Autocomplete

Start clean has fast autocomplete powered by duckduckgo and wikipedia.
In addition to online search, chrome will find your most searched terms.

Open Source start page

Start Clean New Tab Page is completely open source and free.
Making a firefox version, fixing bugs, or adding features? Forks are welcome.

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